Performance problems

Performance problems

Try the tips in this section if pages exit the product, but have nothing printed on them, or when the product does not print any pages.

Pages print but are totally blank.
The sealing tape might still be in the print cartridge.
Verify that the sealing tape has been completely removed from the print cartridge.
The document might contain blank pages.
Check the document that you are printing to see if content appears on all of the pages.
The product might be malfunctioning.
To check the product, print a configuration page. See Information pages.
Certain media types can slow the print job.
Print on a different type of media.
Pages did not print.
The product might not be pulling media correctly.
See Media-handling problems.
The media might be jamming in the product.
Clear the jam. See Clear jams.
The USB cable or the network cable might be defective or incorrectly connected.

Disconnect the cable at both ends and reconnect it.

Try printing a job that has printed in the past.

Try using a different USB or network cable.
The product IP address might have been changed.
From the control panel, print a configuration page. Confirm the IP address with that listed in the Properties dialog box.
The product might not be set up as the default printer.
Open the Printers or Printers and Faxes dialog box, right click the product, and then click Set as Default Printer.
The product might have encountered an error.
Check the control panel for an error message. See Control-panel messages.
The product might be paused or offline.
Open the Printers or Printers and Faxes dialog box, and verify that the product status is Ready. If it is Paused, right-click the product and click Resume Printing.
The product might not be receiving power.
Check the power cord and verify that the product is turned on.
Other devices are running on your computer.
The product might not share a USB port. If you have an external hard drive or network switchbox that is connected to the same port as the product, the other device might be interfering. To connect and use the product, disconnect the other device or use two USB ports on the computer.
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