Print-media guidelines

Print-media guidelines

For best results, make sure that the paper is of good quality, and free of cuts, nicks, tears, spots, loose particles, dust, wrinkles, voids, staples, and curled or bent edges.

For best-quality printing, use a smooth type of paper. Generally, smoother media produces better results. .

If you are unsure what type of paper you are loading (such as bond or recycled), check the label on the package of paper.

Do not use media that is designed for inkjet printers only. Use media that is designed for laser printers.

Do not use letterhead paper that is printed with low-temperature inks, such as those used in some types of thermography.

Do not use raised or embossed letterhead.

The product uses heat and pressure to fuse toner to the paper. Make sure that any colored paper or preprinted forms use inks that are compatible with this fusing temperature (200°C or 392°F for 0.1 second).
HP Laserjet M2727 caution Print media guidelines CAUTION:

Failure to follow these guidelines could cause jams or damage to the product.

HP Laserjet M2727 Print-media guidelines