Causes of jams

Causes of jams

Occasionally, paper or other print media can become jammed during a print job. Some causes include the following events:

The input trays are loaded improperly or overfilled, or the media guides are not set properly.

Media is added to or removed from an input tray during a print job or an input tray is removed from the product during a print job.

The cartridge door is opened during a print job.

Too many sheets have accumulated in an output area, or sheets are blocking an output area.

The print media that is being used does not meet HP specifications. See Paper and print media.

The media is damaged or has foreign objects attached to it, such as staples or paper clips.

The environment in which the print media was stored is too humid or too dry. See Paper and print media.
HP Laserjet M2727 Causes of jams