Print on special media

Print on special media

Make sure that the paper or print media that you are using meets HP specifications. Generally, smoother paper provides better results.

Open the media input tray and remove any media.

HP Laserjet M2727 ol st01 Print on special media

Load the media. Make sure that the top of the media is forward and the side to be printed on is facing up.
Adjust the media guides to the length and width of the media.

HP Laserjet M2727 ol st03 Print on special media

On the printer driver, on the Paper tab or the Paper/Quality tab, select the media type from the Paper Type drop-down list.
HP Laserjet M2727 caution Print on special media CAUTION:

Be sure to set the correct media type in the product settings. The product adjusts the fuser temperature according to the media type setting. When printing on special media such as transparencies or labels, this adjustment prevents the fuser from damaging the media as it passes through the product.

Print the document.
HP Laserjet M2727 Print on special media