Use HP Web Jetadmin software

Use HP Web Jetadmin software

HP Web Jetadmin is a Web-based software solution for remotely installing, monitoring, and troubleshooting network-connected peripherals. The intuitive browser interface simplifies cross-platform management of a wide range of devices, including HP and non-HP devices. Management is proactive, allowing network administrators the ability to resolve issues before users are affected. Download this free, enhanced-management software at

To obtain plug-ins to HP Web Jetadmin, click plug-ins, and then click the download link that is next to the name of the plug-in that you want. The HP Web Jetadmin software can automatically notify you when new plug-ins are available. On the Product Update page, follow the directions to automatically connect to the HP Web site.

If installed on a host server, HP Web Jetadmin is available to any client through a supported Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows or Netscape Navigator 7.1 for Linux. Browse to the HP Web Jetadmin host.

HP Laserjet M2727 note Use HP Web Jetadmin software NOTE:

Browsers must be Java-enabled. Browsing from an Apple PC is not supported.

HP Laserjet M2727 Use HP Web Jetadmin software