HP fraud hotline

HP fraud hotline

Call the HP fraud hotline if the product or HP ToolboxFX indicates that the print cartridge is not an HP print cartridge and you think that it is genuine. HP will help determine if the product is genuine and take steps to resolve the problem.

The print cartridge might not be a genuine HP one if you notice the following issues:

You are experiencing a large number of problems with the print cartridge.

The print cartridge does not look like it usually does (for example, the pull tab or the box is different).

In the United States, call toll-free: 1-877-219-3183.

Outside the United States, you can call collect. Dial the operator and ask to place a collect call to this telephone number: 1-770-263-4745. If you do not speak English, a representative at the HP fraud hotline who speaks your language will assist you. Or, if someone who speaks your language is not available, a language line interpreter will connect approximately one minute after the beginning of the call. The language line interpreter is a service that will translate between you and the representative for the HP fraud hotline.

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