System Settings

System Settings

The HP ToolboxFX System Settings tab contains links to the following main pages:

Device Information. View information about the product, such as the product description and a contact person.

Paper Handling. Change the product paper-handling settings, such as default paper size and default paper type.

Print Quality. Change the product print-quality settings.

Paper Types. Change the product mode settings for each media type, such as letterhead, prepunched, or glossy paper.

System Setup. Change the product system settings, such as product language and jam recovery.

Service. Gain access to various procedures required to maintain the product.

Device Polling. Change the product polling settings, which determine how often HP ToolboxFX collects data from the product.

Save/Restore Settings. Save the current settings for the product to a file on the computer. Use this file to load the same settings onto another product or to restore these settings to this product at a later time.

Password. Set, change, or clear the product security password (see Turn on password protection).

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HP Laserjet M2727 System Settings