Problems receiving faxes

Problems receiving faxes

Use the table in this section to solve problems that might occur when receiving faxes.

HP Laserjet M2727 note Problems receiving faxes NOTE:

Use the fax cord that came with the product in order to ensure that the product functions correctly.

The product cannot receive faxes from an extension telephone.
The extension-telephone setting might be disabled.
Change the extension-telephone setting.
The fax cord might not be securely connected.
Verify that the fax cord is securely connected between the telephone jack and the product (or another device that is connected to the product). Press 1-2-3 in sequence, wait for three seconds, and then hang up.
The product dialing mode might be incorrectly set, or the extension phone might be incorrectly set.
Verify that the product dialing mode is set to Tone. Verify that the extension phone is set up for tone dialing as well.
The product is not answering incoming fax calls.
The answer mode might be set to Manual.
If the answer mode is set to Manual, the product does not answer calls. Start the fax-receiving process manually.
The rings-to-answer setting might not be set correctly.
Check the rings-to-answer setting to verify that it is set properly.
The answer-ring pattern feature might be turned on, but you do not have the service, or you do have the service and the feature is not set correctly.
Check the answer-ring pattern feature to verify that it is set properly.
The fax cord might not be correctly connected, or the fax cord is not working.
See the getting started guide to check the installation. Verify that you are using the fax cord that came with the product.
The product might not be able to detect incoming fax tones because the answering machine is playing a voice message.
Re-record the answering machine message, leaving at least two seconds of silence at the beginning of the message.
Too many devices might be connected to the telephone line.
Do not attach more than three devices to the line. Remove the last device that was connected and determine whether the product works. If not, continue removing devices one at a time and retry after removing each one.
The telephone line might not be working.
Do one of the following:

Increase the volume on the product, and then press Start Fax on the control panel. If a dial tone exists, the telephone line is working.

Disconnect the product from the telephone jack, and then connect a telephone. Try to make a telephone call to verify that the telephone line is working.
The product is not answering incoming fax calls.
A voice-messaging service might be interfering with the product as it attempts to answer calls.
Do one of the following:

Disable the messaging service.

Get a telephone line that is dedicated to fax calls.

Set the product answer mode to Manual. In manual mode, you must start the fax-receive process yourself.

Leave the product set to automatic mode and lower the rings-to-answer setting for the product to a number less than the rings-to-answer setting for the voice mail. The product will answer all incoming calls.
The product might be out of paper and the memory is full.
Refill the media input tray. Press OK. The product prints all of the faxes it has saved in memory and then resumes answering fax calls.
Faxes are not printing.
The media input tray is empty.
Load media. Any faxes that are received while the input tray is empty are stored in memory and will print after the tray has been refilled.
The receive-to-PC option might be selected, and faxes are being received by the computer.
Check to determine whether the computer is receiving faxes.
The product has encountered an error.
Check the control panel for an error message, and then see Fax error messages.
Faxes are printing on two pages instead of one.
The autoreduction setting might not be set correctly.
Turn on the autoreduction setting.
The incoming faxes might have been sent on larger media.
Adjust the autoreduction setting to allow larger pages to be printed on one page.
Received faxes are too light, are blank, or have poor print quality.
The product ran out of toner while printing a fax.
The product stores the most recently printed faxes. (The amount of memory that is available determines the actual number of faxes stored for reprinting.) As soon as possible, replace the print cartridge, and then reprint the fax.
The fax that was sent was too light.
Contact the sender and have the sender resend the fax after altering the contrast settings.
HP Laserjet M2727 Problems receiving faxes