Change settings

Change settings

You can use the embedded Web server (EWS) or HP ToolboxFX to view or change the IP configuration settings. To gain access to the embedded Web server, type the product IP address in the address line of a Web browser.

You can view HP ToolboxFX when the product is directly connected to a computer or when it is connected to the network. You must perform a complete software installation to use HP ToolboxFX.

Open HP ToolboxFX in one of these ways:

In the Windows system tray, double-click the HP ToolboxFX icon.

On the Windows Start menu, click Programs (or All Programs in Windows XP), click HP, click the product name, and then click HP ToolboxFX.

In HP ToolboxFX, click the Network Settings tab.

From the Networking tab (EWS) or the Network Settings tab (HP ToolboxFX), you can change the following configurations:

Host Name

Manual IP Address

Manual Subnet Mask

Manual Default Gateway
HP Laserjet M2727 note Change settings NOTE:

Changing the network configuration might require you to change the browser URL before you can communicate with the product again. The product will be unavailable for a few seconds while the network resets.

HP Laserjet M2727 Change settings